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>> lazy writer
>>LGBTA supporter
>> Hufflepuff - Gleek - Sherlockian - Disney/Marvel obsessed - Tribute - Oncer - Broadway nerd - Leanatic and Hiddlestoner.

hidden talents: eating, memorizing song lyrics, wasting time, crying, buying books I don't have time to read and planning trips I can't afford, falling in love with other people's love stories.

current obsessions: Merthur and Bastian Schweinsteiger

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thereichenbachfallfan: I love your blog! :)Do you know of any good Captain Swan fan fiction I can read? Thanks!


Awh, thank you so much. And yes I do. :)

Rotten Heart


The Lost Boys

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play

What the Water Gave Me

Under the Crimson Flag

Beyond the Horizon

Poetry reading

And that’s all I can think of rn, but you can chack out my fic rec too if you want to. :)

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